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BattlespaceX is a robust cyber platform for next-gen thinkers and military enthusiasts who mind-map on intricate subjects and share their rigorous analysis and assessments using best practices, while leveraging Open-Source Information (OSIF) and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) in the global defense corridors.

BattlespaceX circumnavigates the strategic and defense businesses that covers a wide spectrum of topics including Aerospace, Land, Maritime, C4ISR, C5ISR, Spectrum Dominance, Network Centric and Electronic Warfare [EM], Unmanned aircraft systems [UAS], Cyberspace, Space missions, Kinetic and Non-Kinetic warfare.

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In today’s digitized world with rapidly evolving geostrategic dynamics, BattlespaceX vision is to establish a new forward-thinking, multilateral, and multidimensional fusion tool in the cyber domain, that helps the target audience seek concise military news and information.

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We support defense and security experts at all levels including defense hardware manufacturers and mil-technologists. We encourage them to join our platform and provide their validated, unbiased standpoints on all the major significant issues shaping today's and future global arenas.

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